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DPI ALLOY Nongamma 2

Zinc Free amalgam alloy with silver content: 48%.
Superior properties to conventional alloys.
50% increase in compressive strength (1 Hour)
40% increase in compressive strength (24 Hours)
17-fold improvement in creep. Especially suitablefor automatic amalgamators.

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The Photosil soft putty is two component siliconeselastomers which cure at room temperature by an addition curing reaction (1:1 ratio).

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Heat cure acrylic denture base material.
Simple mixing, easy to process.
Variety of shades (pink, light pink, veined, clear).
Crosss linking ensures superior quality.

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Award & Recognition

Dental Products of India (DPI) has received the National Oral Healthcare Sushruta Awards from Indian Dental Association (IDA) on December 2017 for the Best Dental Manufacturing Company In India under the leadership of Dr. Subhro Mitra.


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