DPI Posterior Restorative Cement

Description and Features:


DPI POSTERIOR RESTORATIVE CEMENT is non sticky condensable high esthetic restorative glass ionomer cement.  A high fluoride content and excellent biocompatibility provides good chemical bonding to dentine and enamel with no need for etching.  The early resistance to water uptake permits one visit treatment and its radiopacity ensures easy postoperative diagnosis.


Indications of Use:


·         Decidious teeth: final restorative for Class I, II and V.

·         Long term restorative in non-load bearing areas of Class I, II and V.

·         Intermediate restorative & sandwich material for heavy stress bearing Class I & II cavities.

·         Core build up material.




DPI Posterior Restorative Cement is available in powder / liquid form.

Powder: 15g

Liquid: 10ml

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