Root Canal Sealer



Root canal Sealer is perfect root canal filling material paste which should be neither resorbable once hardened nor retractable over the years. The antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties will reduce post-operative flare ups Root Canal Sealer is a non-absorbable zinc oxide-eugenol based root canal sealer to which various ingredients have been added: Thymol Iodide and barium sulphate to increase its radiopacity and to reduce its retraction tendency.  Corticosteroids to reduce the painful reactions often observed when root canal sealing is carried out with plain zinc oxide- eugenol pastes.




POWDER: DexamethasoneThymol IodideMagnesium Stearate, Zinc OxideBarium Sulphate and LIQUIDEugenol 10ml





DPI Root Canals Sealer is to be used only once for each treatment performed at the average dose of 0.100 to 0.150 gm. of a paste obtained by mixing, as described below.




Mix 1 Scoop of Powder and 1 Drop of Liquid (4:1 wt. ratio) on a mixing pad using spatula for 30-40 seconds until creamily homogenous consistency arises.




  • Do not use Root Canal sealer in allergic person
  • Keep away from child
  • In the event of ingestion, contact eyes or skin, please contact a doctor immediately.
  • It is recommended wearing protective clothing when using this product.






  • Known hypersensitivity against eugenol or any other components, respectively, of the root canal filling material.
  • Immediately wash skin with soap and water after contact or flush eyes if contact occurs.





Store in a cool and dry place. Always close the cap immediately after use.

3 Years from the manufacturing date.




Pack contain - Powder 20gm, Liquid 10ml, Mixing Pad, Spoon and Dropper.

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