Calcium Hydroxide With Iodoform

Product Description:


The Paste is premixed oil-based calcium hydroxide paste containing iodoform. The addition of iodoform to calcium hydroxide improves radiopacity and adds an antibacterial agent to the paste. Non-Hardening paste, solubilized calcium hydroxide remains active in root canal for a longer time.




·         Direct Pulp capping.

·         For indirect pulp Capping after pulpotomy.

·         Temporary or permanent filling material for infected root canals

·         Perfect cavity liner under all filling material

·         Dentine-protective and neutralizing cavity liner.


Features & Benefits:


·         Improved radiopacity and increased antimicrobial effect

·         Non-hardening paste with oil base

·         Prolonged release of calcium hydroxide helps create secondary dentine

·         Excellent biocompatibility with no toxic effects on cells

·         Ideal for infected root canals and vital pulpotomies in deciduous teeth

·         Can be used in conjunction with gutta percha points and regular root canal sealants



Calcium Hydroxide, iodoform, Silicon Oil and inert excipients.


Storage & Shelf Life


Store in a cool and dry environment. Always close the cap immediately after use.

Shelf Life: 3 years under proper storage.  



3ml syringes + 5 applicator tips.

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