Product Description:


Temporary Filling Material used for temporary restorations in cavities and the period between tooth preparation and the permanent cementation of completed inlays.




Indicated for temporary filling and sealing. Temporary filling material has adequate resistance to masticatory stresses, yet it may be easily removed with a bur or excavator.


Directions for use:


Transfer a small quantity of temporary filling material to a glass slab and convey to the cavity as required using a suitable instrument.


Temporary filling material hardens only in contact with moisture.


Temporary filling material should not be used as an immediate cavity lining, but layer from a hardened temporary filling may be retained as a base under amalgam or silicates. Do not use in direct contact with acrylic resins.


Notes: - Close the container immediately after removal of the material required.

               Do not mix or contaminate with any other material




Do not apply directly on exposes pulp.



Do not store the product above 25oC

Store the product in a cool & dry place.

Do not use after expiry date.

Tightly close container immediately after use.


Shelf life: - 3 years from the date of manufacturing 



40 gm jar individual box

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